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Maintenance Request

All non-urgent maintenance requests must be submitted to our Agency in writing, as per Consumer Affairs Victoria – Renters Guide.  A copy of the Consumer Affairs Victoria (‘CAV’) Guide is provided to all Renters at the commencement of tenancy and is available online at .  A maintenance request can be submitted using the form below.



Please ensure any matter that you are raising is deemed to be an ‘urgent repair’.  If you are unsure, we direct you to CAV – Renters Guide.  In the case of an ‘urgent repair’ only, please see below steps for you to take.

Step 1.
 Contact RACV Emergency Assist on 1300 427 228 and quote the property address (please note, this service may not be available for your property).

Step 2.
  For any external plumbing issues, please contact Wannon Water as your first point of contact, as follows:  [email protected]  or  1300 926 666.

Step 3.
  For any urgent oven issues, please assess and determine whether the oven is gas or electric prior to emailing your written maintenance request to our office, as follows:  [email protected] .


Any tradespersons should only be contacted directly if you have:-

·      Already tried contacting our office;  and

·      Forwarded a text message to our office;  and

·      Sent an email to [email protected];  and

·      48 hours has passed with no contact from our Agency and you have proof of this.


Please note, if you have reported an ‘urgent repair’ and such repair is then found to have not been of an ‘urgent’ nature, you may be invoiced and deemed responsible for any costs incurred.


-    A burst water service
-    A blocked or broken lavatory system
-    A serious roof leak
-    A gas leak
-    A dangerous electrical fault
-    Flooding or serious flood damage
-    Serious storm or fire damage
-    A failure or breakdown of any essential service or appliance provided by your Residential Rental Provider for water, cooking, heating or laundering
-    Failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply
-    An appliance, fitting or fixture that is not working properly and causes a substantial amount of water to be wasted
-    A serious fault in a lift or staircase


ALWAYS try to contact our office prior to calling out a tradesperson. We have 24 hours to attend to urgent repairs (e.g. weekends, public holidays, etc.).  All Renters must attempt to contact our office and leave a detailed message.  Our office contact details are:-


Business Hours:   03 5523 2200

After Hours:          0417 265 253   or   0409 527 029

Email:                   [email protected]


For all ‘urgent repairs’ requested by you and undertaken without prior consent or acknowledgement from our Agency, you must notify our office of such repairs, in writing, by the next working day.


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