Landlord & Agent Fines Are On The Increase $$

Owning an investment property requires all parties to abide by State legislation.  Failure to do so (or contract outside of the law) will result in large fines being imposed or compensation orders. Areas of concern that are being targeted:

  1. Unlawful entry to a property without the correct notice
  2. Requesting ‘excessive’ bonds or rent upfront from the tenant
  3. Failure to provide receipts for rental payments
  4. Failure to lodge tenant bonds
  5. Not issuing a property condition report or other associated documents and forms before the tenant moves into the property
  6. Including unlawful terms in tenancy agreements
  7. Breach of the tenant’s quiet enjoyment or harassment
  8. Incorrect charging to the tenant of utility services or other charges that are not lawful
  9. Discrimination during the tenant selection process
  10. Failure to attend to maintenance
  11. Evicting tenants illegally


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