Investors Have You Considered Solar Panels?

For property investors in the past, the cost of installing solar panels has sometimes outweighed the benefits. Landlords could not justify the expense of installing a solar system when the reduced energy bill went to the tenant. And putting the rent up to cover the installation often outpriced the property from the market rent.

However, these days, there are options for landlords to benefit from the installation of solar panels. There are companies who install solar on the property, then grants (manages) the income to landlords from selling power to the tenant – while guaranteeing tenant discounts on their current electricity rates. Another way it can be structured is by having landlords lease their roof space to the tenant to install a solar system (if they are on a long lease). Tenants can arrange the install and finance.

Solar panels can be an attractive and enticing renting option for a tenant, increase the asset value of a property while providing income to investors.  For more information we recommend that you search ‘Solar panels in rental properties’ to obtain professional advice.


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