Did you know that every landlord in Australia has a responsibility to ensure that their rental property is fitted with the required number of working smoke alarms under the Australian Standards (AS) 3786 and must be installed as per the Building Code of Australia?

There are also slight modifications from state to state under the federal smoke alarm legislation requirements.

The primary compliance requirements for the management of a rental property in each state is to ensure:

·       The smoke alarms installed are working and compliant with the required standards.

·       The placement and location of the smoke alarms in the property are compliant with the required standards.

·       The smoke alarms are regularly maintained and tested as per the required standards.

Failure to comply with smoke alarm legislation can result in fines, but more importantly, unnecessarily lost lives should a fire take place in a property due to non-compliance.

With the complexities of federal and state smoke alarm standard codes and the constant changes in legislation, we strongly recommend that you leave the management of smoke alarms to the experts, who are up to date on legislation requirements and have the reminder systems in place to inspect and make sure that your rental property is protected.