Routine Inspections...

Why do we need them?

Routine inspections are a vital part of our service offering to reduce potential risk, maximise income and optimise long-term capital growth.

  • We conduct routine inspections for the following reasons:
  • To connect with the tenant and obtain their feedback on the property
  • To prompt the tenant to spring clean the property
  • To ensure that the tenant is caring for the property in accordance with the tenancy terms
  • To provide landlords with feedback on maintenance and repairs required
  • To ensure that the property is safe for the tenant to reside in
  • To keep landlords up-to-date on future renovations and improvements required


It is important to ensure that the property is well-maintained and presented in a clean and tidy condition to protect your investment and reduce the possibility of a litigation claim should there be a slip and fall.


As your managing agent, it is our obligation to visually inspect the property only.  We are not licensed ‘professional experts’, such as building, pest, electrical or pool inspectors.

When carrying out an inspection we visually look for:

Leaks that can lead to secondary damage, unsecured doors, locks and/or windows that are not working, tears or ripples in carpets, fixtures and fittings not working, marks, chips or holes, care of the gardens and the overall condition and presentation of the property (just to name a few).

A copy of the routine inspection report and photos will be forwarded to all landlords.  It is important to review this report and act on any repairs or maintenance that may be listed in a timely manner.

We strongly recommend that professional experts undertake the necessary tax-deductible annual inspections to protect your investment.