When Your Tenant Gives Notice To Vacate

Time is always of the essence when it comes to a tenant giving notice.  We understand that it is important to be proactive from the time notice is given to vacate to reduce extended vacancy periods, lost income and potential disputes.

The vacate process needs to be carefully managed.  Following are a few tips that will assist in reducing the vacancy period and lost rent.

  • Confirm that the notice period is correct. If the notice has not been calculated correctly it could result in the notice being invalid.
  • Quickly advertise the property with quality photos, floor plans and video tours to ensure that it stands out over all other properties and is rented in the quickest possible time; achieving the highest possible rent.
  • Educate the tenant in what needs to be cleaned with a detailed checklist.
  • Ensure that all rent, cleaning and maintenance accounts have been paid prior to the release of the bond.
  • Be fair, friendly and amicable in all discussions to achieve a win/win situation for all parties.

We will always keep you updated.


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